1978 Golden Eagle cj 5

Golden Eagle

Turning worn and tattered into heirlooms.

Some vehicles just have a sentimental value that’s considered priceless to whom they belong too. This jeep is one of those select few that are deemed more a part of the family than simply a means of transportation. Knowing the significance of this and being honored with the trust to bring this jeep back to life wasn’t lost on me.

This 1978 Golden Eagle CJ5 was purchased off the lot and within a couple of months the owner needed to sell. Stepping in was Danny Sanchez who happens to be my God Father. My personal story with this CJ5 begins almost immediately after that.

I was born and raised in Globe Arizona and started hunting when I was just 5 years old. Born in ’73 and this is a ’78 you can do the math. The first main upgrade was done by replacing the manual steering setup with power steering. This upgrade was the key to allowing Danny’s 2 children ages 5 (Daniel) and 7 (Denise) at the time to have enough strength to steer the jeep. Daniel, myself and another cousin were all 5 at the time and we quickly learned how to steer and drive in this jeep.

I once asked my “Nino” Danny “Why in the world would you teach us to drive at such and early age?” His response was simple “Because if you shot me I needed to make sure you could drive me to the hospital.

Many…many years pass and the jeep is very much the worse for the ware. Time for a full frame off restoration!!! I had the honor and the privilege to be chosen to take on this project. Check out the pics below for a walk through of the build.

Some notable highlights are:

  • Dual Batteries for running the winch and onboard air compressor.
  • Custom ammo can rear speakers that sound outstanding by the way.
  • Air brushed golden eagle vs a decal
  • Hand pinstriped wheels to match the original factory wheels
  • Updated bumpers to allow for light towing and being flat towed.
  • Maintained the original rebuild 304 V8
  • Heavy duty rock sliders with built in step.

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"Thank you for turning my Jeep into an heirloom that I will be passed down for generations to come" - Dan Sanchez

Dan Sanchez

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